Introducing the new MultiView | Multiple Monitor Software

Itís exciting times here at Multiple Monitors, not only have we got a fantastic range of new stands (more on these coming soon), we have also massively improved our multiple monitor software suite, MultiView, which we supply with every computer.

This new version of MultiView expands on our previous software with a multitude of new features to help you setup and operate a multi-screen system more effectively than ever before.

What Is MultiView?

Basically MultiView runs on your computer and extends on Windows rather basic support for multiple screens, the top benefits of the software are:

  • Adds a taskbar to the bottom of every monitor which helps you instantly see which programs are open on each screen
  • Allows you to configure these taskbars exactly as you want them, display only what makes sense for you
  • Introduces a jump button which allows you to instantly Ďjumpí windows and programs to any screen making organising your workflow a breeze
  • Gives you control over which screen programs open in when you launch them, probably one of the best features ever
  • Allows you to pin programs to the taskbars on any screen so that you can quickly launch your programs without having to find the icon on your desktop or go to the Start Menu or Screen
  • Reinstates a ĎStart Buttoní for Windows 8 users if you want one

If you have used a multi-screen system for some time without multiple monitor software like this you will really appreciate how much easier life is once MultiView is up and running.

See it in Action

I have put together this video showing some of the issues with standard Windows multi-screen behaviour and how MultiView helps resolve them.

(Apologies for the picture quality, we are looking at hosting the videos away from YouTube to help improve the quality levels).

How Much Does It Cost

The good news is that we include MultiView completely free with each computer and bundle we sell, it is pre-installed and pre-configured for you to ensure the most effective settings are switched on for you right out of the box.

You donít have to do anything at your end, and if you want to adjust the settings to suit your specific needs then that is a simple task to do.

Further Help With Settings

Over the next few weeks we will be uploading instructional videos on how to configure settings in MultiView to help you get the most out of it.

EDIT: See Instructional Videos Here

I know you will love it, just like I do!

Written by Darren @ Multiple Monitors

Last Updated: November, 2012