Multiple Monitors Computers

Make the transition to a multi-screen system easily with our hassle free, multi monitor capable computers

Supporting more than 1 or 2 screens is not possible on the vast majority of PC's, however we have a range of dedicated computers to make your transition easy!

Simply select a computer below then use the options to choose the number of screens you want to support, we then build your new PC just for you.


multi Screen pc

A low cost pc offering solid performance, capable of powering up to 8 screens.

Monitors Supported: 2 - 8

Price From: £575.00

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multi Screen pc

Ultra fast performance from the latest Intel Coffee Lake CPU's in a virtually silent package.

Monitors Supported: 2 - 12

Price From: £845.00

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multi Screen pc

Designed for power users, using Intel Enthusiast CPUs for the ultimate multi-tasking PC.

Monitors Supported: 2 - 18

Price From: £1,295.00

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The Trader

Multi Screen PC

Updated For 2017

Our first computer designed specifically for Traders, the components have been configured to provide excellent performance in any kind of trading environment.

Monitors Supported: 4 - 8

Price From: £1,195.00

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