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If you’re a Trader who is serious about achieving the very best performance possible from your computer then the Trader PC is exactly what you have been looking for.

Using the new 8th generation Intel Coffee Lake processors, this computer can handle any trading session, no matter how demanding, without breaking sweat.

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About This Trading PC?

Perfect for Traders, Here's why

The Trader PC is a fantastic choice for traders who are looking for the absolute best in class performance levels for their trading platforms. Read on to see how the Trader PC can handle anything you throw at it:

Fast Processors & RAM

Intel Coffee Lake CPUs

When it comes to running trading platforms our benchmark tests show that the biggest impact in how responsive they are is the processor.

Having an ultra-fast CPU in your trading computer ensures the absolute best performance possible.

The 8th generation Coffee Lake i5 CPU is fast and highly capable at dealing with multi-tasking workloads.

Going with the i7 gives you the fastest processor that we have ever tested, it also handles multi-threaded workloads over 43% faster than the 7th generation Kaby Lake i7!

Combining either processor with the 16GB of DDR4 RAM which comes as standard makes for an unbeatable combination for pretty much any trading workload you can throw at it.

Responsive & Easy To Setup

Multi-Screen Graphics Capability

For traders seeing the right information at the right time can be the difference between success and failure. With a multi-screen trading computer you can position your charts and programs at any point on any screen.

We take all the hassle out of achieving a multi-screen system, simply select how many screens you want to run using the options below and we do the rest.

Your Trader PC will be delivered pre-configured to connect to your DVI or HDMI screens right out of the box, no need to worry about whether your screens are compatible or spend time and money buying graphics adapters.

Display Fusion

Multi-Monitor Software

Something that can be a problem for anyone running a multi-screen computer system, especially traders, is getting the right info in the right screens quickly.

Our exclusive version of DisplayFusion, solves this and many other multi-screen problems with ease.

You can control exactly where programs and charts open and automatically jump windows to pretty much anywhere you want. This ability, combined with extended taskbars, and screen partitions will make a massive difference to your experience of using a multi-screen trading PC.

It comes pre-installed and ready to use with your new Trader PC.

Silence As Standard

On All Trader PC's

Often an overlooked aspect when initially looking into the specifications of a new computer, the noise generated by your PC can make a real difference to your overall experience of using it.

Traders can often find themselves sat in front of a PC for long periods of time, and a noisy PC setup can quickly become both annoying and frustrating, it's one of the things many traders ask us about.

To eliminate noise, we build all our computers using ultra-low noise components, quiet cooling fans, passively cooled graphics cards and silent SSD hard drives guarantee that you will hardly hear a thing from your new Trader PC.

All The Extra Kit

You Need Included

Every 'Trader PC' comes with all the kit you need to get up and running instantly, straight out of the box.

This includes a premium quality Microsoft Wireless mouse and keyboard set, a built-in, high speed, wireless AC network card (perfect for ultra-fast fibre optic connections) to easily connect to the Internet via WIFI, and a set of desktop speakers to hear your trading alerts, music or NetFlix films.

We also provide graphics adapters to let you easily connect your machine up to your choice of DVI or HDMI monitors so you don't have to worry about screen compatibility.

Everything's supplied with your Trader PC in one simple purchase.

1 Years On-Site Cover

& Unlimited Remote Support As Standard

Computers are great, until they stop working properly, and with the best will in the world nobody can guarantee that any PC will keep working indefinitely. If you rely on your trading computer to make your money then it's wise to have great support in place.

Our team of technicians will support you and your machine remotely via email, telephone and remote access sessions for the lifetime of your PC.

If the worst happens and a part fails in your computer then our support partners will attend the PC at your location (no sending it back for repair!) to facilitate a fix, this cover is for 1 year and includes all parts and labour charges. (The onsite repair service is UK mainland only).

Choose Your Options

We have a selection of upgrades available to add functionality and further improve the performance of your Charter PC:

CPU / Processor

The number one difference to how fast your computer will perform, CPU's impact speed and multi-tasking performance levels.

RAM / Memory

Your memory or RAM dictates how many programs and charts your trading computer can hold open without slowing down your PC.

Hard Drive Capacity

Used to store your installed programs and files, 240GB is a decent amount for most. Increase if you want more room to store data files and folders.

Number Of Screens Supported

Your new Trader PC will be able to support up to 4 DVI or HDMI screens, to support a higher number of monitors simply change the option here.

Bootable Backup Drive

For quick and easy recovery from a number of Windows issues you can choose to add a separate internal backup drive.

Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office gives you Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote, if you require Outlook go for the Business Edition. This is a 1 PC, lifetime license.

On-Site Hardware Support Warranty

All Trader PC's come with 1 year on-site hardware cover as standard, for extra peace of mind this can be extended for 3 or 5 years.

Trading Performance Levels
System Speed:
(The raw speed at which it will run one trading platform, ignoring multi-tasking workloads.)
(How well it handles running multiple trading platforms or more intensive software.)
(Noise coming from this PC under full load.
5 stars = faint hum, 1 star = jet engine)
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Full Trader PC Specifications

ASUS Z370 Chipset Motherboard

- >

Fractal Design Core 2300 Case

Low Noise 600W Quiet Power Supply

DVD ReWriter Drive

Wireless AC 867Mbps Network Card

Gigabit Ethernet LAN Adapter

8 Channel High Definition Audio Sound Card

3 x USB 3, 3 x USB 2 & 1 x USB Type-C Ports

Low Noise CPU Cooler

Microsoft Wireless Mouse & Keyboard

Logitech Desktop Speakers

Microsoft Windows 10 64-Bit

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